• Improve blood circulation, relieve hand & leg numbness
  • Relieve joint pain & ease physical movement
  • Relieve chest discomfort
  • Release brain stress & improve sleep quality
  • Shorten wounds recovery rate such as ulcer, scar or acne
  • Lighten dark spots & brighten up skin
  • Stimulate brain cells & improve memory



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LIVEON is an Anti-Ageing, Anti-Glycation and High Anti-Oxidant ready-to-drink botanical beverage from multiple natural plant extracts with patented technologies. It is packed in an individual sachet form, convenient to consume on-the-go. This supplement have 4 patented ingredients which are Enzogenol pine bark extract from New Zealand, SOD B Extramel from France, Puredia SeaBerry from Tibet and Sirtmax black turmeric extract from Japan. LIVEON made in Wellous Malaysia KKM approved factory with 4 imported patented ingredients and 7 potent supporting antioxidant ingredients.

4 Patented Ingredients



Relieve Aging Signs, Fight Free Radicals, Improve Brain Function, Improve Skin Condition

SOD Extramel

SOD Extramel®

Protect Cells From Damage, Reverse Signs Of Aging Skin



Neutralise Free Radicals And Slow Down Effect Of Aging, Reduce AGEs

Puredia SeaBerry

Puredia SeaBerry®

Regenerate Skin Cells, Improve Immune System, Promote Cardiovascular Health

Apart from that, LIVEON contains other ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. The giant knotweed stimulates the synthesis of collagen and inhibits synthesis of AGEs. Grape seed extract contains high amount of oligomeric proanthocyanidins that prevents collagen damage from free radicals. The green tea extract, rich in polyphenol antioxidant catechin that protects the brain cells from oxidative stress. Lastly, the acai berry have high ORAC value which effectively reduce oxidative damage and subsequently reduce the signs of aging. These ingredients can effectively help in anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation, thus achieve the result of anti-ageing by generating cells!

LIVEON Internal And External Changes

External Changes

  • Maintain the elasticity of skin
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Lighten dark spots

Internal Changes

  • Boost metabolism
  • Enhance body metabolism
  • Improve sleeps
  • Maintain vitality and energy

RM3 Million Insurance Protection

Original Wellous products also have product responsibility insurance coverage. If you experience side effects caused by this product, you can claim up to RM 3 Millions insurance with Wellous. This insurance coverage only eligible for any purchases with Wellous’ authorized dealers like us, Bellesy. Wellous shall not be liable for any products liability or counterfeit products bought via Online Shopping Platforms (Example: Shopee, Lazada, Presto, Carousell, Qoo10, Tokopedia, etc)


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